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No matter what brought your attention to the island, there are many factors to consider when calling Galveston home. Moving can be exciting and overwhelming and it’s an important decision. We hope we can be a resource to ease your transition, neighbor.


The world is ever-changing. We’re adjusting and settling into new ways of working and living with constant technological advances. You want to enjoy your home and still have the lifestyle you deserve.

Galveston, Texas, boasts a diverse and dynamic real estate market, characterized by its unique blend of coastal charm, historical significance, and modern amenities that offer something for every homeowner’s taste and budget. The island’s proximity to Houston and its vibrant tourism industry contribute to a steady demand for residential and commercial properties alike. Ongoing revitalization efforts and investments in infrastructure continue to enhance the appeal and value of real estate in this vibrant Gulf Coast community.

Here are some common resources to help you find your island home.



According to, the cost of living in Galveston, TX is 10% lower than the national average. This, like most cities, can vary based on unique factors such as career, salary, and the real estate market of the general area.

Cost of Living in Galveston, Texas
(by Expense Category)

National Average = 100. Data from


The median property value in Galveston, in 2021, was $215, 800 and the median property tax was $10,765 (Via Data USA).

Entity Description Tax Rate
C30 Galveston City 0.408850
GGA Galveston County 0.334147
J01 Galveston College 0.124000
N01 NAV District #1 0.025419
RFL Co Road & Flood 0.007753
S10 Galveston ISD 0.847500

Property taxes in Texas are based on the January 1 market value of your property as determined by the county appraisal district (CAD). This is the appraisal phase. CADs handle ownership, exemption, and value information. Only the CADs may make changes to property records (ownership, mailing addresses, etc.). It then provides updates to the appropriate tax collectors. Each spring, CADs issue notices of appraised value, typically in April. This is the equalization phase.

You have until May 15th (or 30 days after the date of the notice whichever is later) to protest the value. After the appraisal roll is certified by the CADs, local governments adopt budgets and tax rates – typically during the latter part of the summer. This is the assessment phase.  During the month of October, tax statements are produced and mailed to property owners and mortgage companies.  In advance of that, owners have the right to provide input to local governments regarding the rates being considered.


The City of Galveston operates under a council-manager government system. Citizens elect 6 council members, representing one for each of the island six districts, and a mayor. The council members serve for a term of two years, up to three terms, and the mayor serves for two years.

Visit the City of Galveston for more district information.


Craig Brown

District 1

Sharon B.

District 2


District 3


District 4


District 5

John Paul

District 6



The City of Galveston and its partners in energy and telecom have been providing the island with quality utility services and are ready to continue for years to come.


Galvestonians have several options when it comes to choosing an energy provider. Below are the most common, but reference Choose Texas Power and Compare Power to help make the best choice for your family.


The island may be small but there are several options to meet your Telecom needs. Those providers include HughesNet, Viasat, Starlink, T-Mobile, Earthlink, AT&T and Xfinity.


All of the City of Galveston’s water is managed by the Gulf Coast Water Authority, providing high-quality drinking water in Galveston County through the 50 million gallons per day Thomas S. Mackey Water Treatment Plant located in Texas City, Texas.

The City of Galveston is recognized as a “Superior Water System” by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. This award recognizes overall excellence in all aspects of operating a public water system (PWS). To be recognized, a PWS must go above and beyond the minimum standards in protecting public health and ensuring reliable operation.

For information on various service options or to make a payment, visit the City of Galveston Utilities page here.

For information on various service options or to make a payment, visit the City of Galveston Utilities page here.