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Galveston, Texas

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Galveston, Texas

Your Home
Our Community
The Foundation

Galveston, Texas

Your Home
Our Community
The Foundation

We are a nonprofit organization working hard to strengthen and improve the island life for the citizens through the development of attainable workforce housing, commercial real estate, infill of vacant lots, and the revitalization of existing homes through federal, state, corporate, and philanthropic resources.

A communal resource for workforce housing & neighborhood revitalization efforts

Making Galveston Affordable to Young Families

The rise of short-term rentals

Who are the Families Galveston Has Lost

From 2010-2020 Galveston has lost an estimated net total of 775 families with children. The loss of affordable housing partly affects the disappearance of young families on the island.

More than 65% of island workers commute from off the island (equating to an estimated 21,255 people working in Galveston who don’t live in Galveston). Fifty percent of Galveston residents have a housing cost burden where their income to cost of housing ratio is too high, making it harder to afford other living expenses.

According to Build Galveston’s research (through our employee survey), the three top reasons Galveston workers (who live off the island) prefer the mainland:

Build Galveston is a Vision Galveston initiative and a nonprofit community development corporation—the island’s singular entity focused on workforce housing.

We’re committed to the island becoming a more diverse and equitable community. Anyone who works in Galveston—first responders, teachers, healthcare workers, and young families—should be able to afford to live in homes in healthy neighborhoods on the island.

To make this happen, Build Galveston is acting to connect, leverage, and utilize resources to strengthen our community’s social, physical, and economic environment.

Attainable workforce housing is our goal

Build Galveston continues to pursue the support and partnership with GISD Board of Trustess and UTMB leadship regarding the development of attainable workfoce housing on property owned by them. Through over 700 completed survey responses from the community, we are able to determine what is required to have their employees work and life on the island.

The key takeaways from the outreach highlighted the desire for:

Housing Prices

Preference to Single-Family Housing over Multi-Unit

Outdoor Spaces


We have a vision and a goal.
We are excited to see big change for Galveston.

We are working with the Galveston Redevelopment Authority, Galveston Housing Finance Corporation and local single-family builders to explore a pilot program for the construction of attainable infill single-family homes.

Donate To Build Galveston

We are working to build a better Galveston for the people of Galveston with the help of everyone. Your contributions, no matter what size, are appreciated and will go toward our efforts for attainable workforce housing and improvements for current residents.

Donate here or contact us if you would like to discuss other contribution options. Thank you.

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